Local Business SEO – #1 Use a Local Phone Number

What can a local business do online when competing with a big, national brand? The websites of both local and national brands make their products/services available 24/7. But one thing big brands lack is community uniqueness and it can be as simple as a local phone number. Sometimes people just need to talk to a real, live human being, and this can be what sets you apart.

Admit it, the internet can be a bit impersonal. If you are a local business, adding you physical address and the phone number (with a local area code) gives evidence that you are a real person – which makes people feel more comfortable. It gives your customer a convenient way to order, but most importantly it means that a real person is give service.

  • A phone number is instantaneous way to get your visitors’ feedback
  • A prominent phone number on a website builds trust and confidence.
  • Local SEO Factor
  • A telephone number is how Local Business Listings verifies that your listing is valid (Google will actually call you!) It is an on-page trust identifier.
  • It is also believed that Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing often combine the local area code with local search ranking factors.

Make the most of Contact Information

A business’ address and phone number are instrumental for conducting business locally. But this contact information also provides a critical clue to search engines that a business is local in nature. Make sure to display:

  • Your full address (with Zip Code) on the footer of every page, with prominence on the “Contact Us” page
  • Local phone number, even when a toll-free number is available
  • If appropriate, provide information on areas served
  • Driving directions and a local map

List your Local Business on Search Engines. These ones are free for basic listings:

From here, you actually have to answer this phone when it starts ringing off the hook!

Of course, please feel free to Contact Bevelwise if your business needs a better web presence.

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2 comments on “Local Business SEO – #1 Use a Local Phone Number
  1. Thanks for the details.Contact information part is very important.If that part is neglected then one won't be able to promote local business in the right manner.

  2. Amrita says:

    You have mentioned interesting and important points.
    "Sometimes people just need to talk to a real, live human being, and this can be what sets you apart." – i think this is the most important factor and ones the customer is convinced… half of the work is done.

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